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Warm Up Routine for an Event

Warm Up Routine For An Event What is your warm up routine for a casual round of golf? What is your warm up routine for an event? The answer to these two questions should be, “They are the same.” Some people make the mistake of showing up early to a tournament or event to get […]


Golf Is a Workout

Golf Is A Workout Golf’s reputation for being a sport lacking in physical fitness is not necessarily true. In fact, golf is a workout, if you let it be. When you ditch the cart, beer and typical course vices – like smoking or dipping – golf can be beneficial to your health. If someone with an average […]


GPS or Laser?

GPS or Laser GPS or Laser? When it comes to finding yardages which is best? Getting distances by using on-course yardage markers is time consuming and, often, inaccurate. Plus, with today’s yardage technology, why would you? The technology on the market today – golf GPS systems and laser rangefinders – are great options for accurately […]


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect Right? Practice makes perfect is what everyone says so it has to be right. Well, not if you’re doing it wrong. I like to say, “Practice Makes Permanent!” If you are practicing the wrong thing, you will end up with a very good “bad habit”. To improve your golf game, it’s important […]


Stableford Format

Golf Format The Stableford scoring system is a popular golf format. Developed by Dr. Frank Barney Gorton Stableford in 1931, the Stableford format is a scoring system in which the final score is not the stroke total. Instead, each hole earns a point value based on the individuals stroke total. As a result, the final score […]


Stay Safe in the Heat

Stay Safe In The Heat Playing in hot weather can effect your golf game and even worse, your health, so stay safe in the heat. However, as long as you’re prepared, you can still have fun out there while staying safe from the heat, too. Here are some tips for when your golf game coincides with […]


Increase Upper Body Rotation

Increase Upper Body Rotation You probably do not know that you need to increase upper body rotation to get more yards on your tee shots. Furthermore, average players think that turning their upper and lower body more into the back swing is the recipe for more distance. Generally speaking, we should turn the upper body/shoulders […]


Great Golfers Have Shoulder Tilt

Shoulder Tilt All great golfers have shoulder tilt at the top of the backswing. Furthermore, they also maintain their tilt far into the follow thru. First of all, you know you need to “keep your head down”. Secondly, you know you need to “keep your eye on the ball”. But do you know the root […]


Hitting off of Hardpan

Hitting Off Of Hardpan Lies It’s difficult hitting off of hardpan and it can go wrong in a hurry if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hardpan is usually a flat, hard, dried out area with little or no turf. It’s typically found in low irrigation areas or places where golf carts are often used. […]


Playing In the Rough

Playing In The Rough We all find ourselves playing in the rough from time to time. Therefore it’s important to make the right decisions on club selection, grip and stance in order to minimize the damage for that hole and your overall score. When playing in the rough, you’re usually dealing with thick, long and sometimes […]