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Don’t Throw Your Clubs In The Pond

Before you throw your clubs away, remember it’s only Spring in New England! There’s still time to make golf enjoyable again. But you have to take the first step and call The Ultimate Golf School to get the best instruction of your life. Here are 10 reasons why the Ultimate Golf School will help you to have the most enjoyable golf season ever.

1) Vermont’s best results. Because we spend 100% of our time teaching golf, we help players just like you improve faster without any “quick fixes”. No other local instructors teach 100% of the time which means we are always thinking of your game. From Vermont High School State Champions, to local Club Champions, and to players of all abilities, we get results!

2) Certified PGA Golf Instructor. We are certified in Golf Instruction and Playing the Game by the PGA of America. As one of only two instructors in Vermont certified in instruction, we have made it our business to know how to teach the game. You are the most important part of our business and we continuously strive to be the best teacher in Vermont.

3) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor. This means one-stop-shopping. We are certified as a Flexor Golf Fitness Instructor. You are assured that your golf body is our priority. You will not swing properly if your body is not able. Get your body golf-fit so you won’t develop any bad compensatory swing faults.

4) State-Of-The-Art-Instructional-Tools. We use 2 dimensional video analysis with voice-over, 3 dimensional  biofeedback technology, and industry leading teaching aids to help you improve quickly. We are always on the edge of technology to give you the best learning experience.

5) Outstanding Facilities. We have a full-length driving range with grass tees, practice putting green, practice pitching area, and two greenside sand bunkers. You can learn all the shots with The Ultimate Golf School.

6) We Teach On the Golf Course. Because we have a 27-hole facility, we frequently go on the course for playing instruction. After all, golf is played on the course, not on the range. It is a non-intimidating environment which quickens your learning experience.

7) Learning to play is FUN. Our instruction programs are set up to make learning fun. We have a perpetual smile and you will feel the excitement.

8) Lots of Teaching Experience. With over twenty years of teaching experience, the Ultimate Golf School knows how to get results for all body types and ability levels.

9) Goal Oriented Lesson Programs. Our programs are designed to meet your goals. Everyone plays for different reasons, therefore we have a program that will meet your needs. You will achieve your goals with the Ultimate Golf School.

10) A Passion for Golf Instruction. We love to teach golf to all players. We love to talk golf with all players. We have a passion for helping you with your golf game.

I know there are other options for your golf instruction, but don’t you think it is a wise decision to improve from a PGA Certified Instructor that spends 100% of their time teaching?

I look forward to hearing from you.