Private Golf Instruction

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Private Golf Instruction

Private Golf Instruction is a preferred and effective way to learn how to play. Barry Churchill, PGA is certified in Golf Instruction and Playing the Game by the PGA of America. As a teacher who is certified by the PGA, Barry knows how to teach the game to you. He is the New England Section PGA Teacher of the Year in 2017, and the 2013 and 2016 Teacher of the Year in the Vermont Chapter PGA. Therefore, you are sure to get the best private golf instruction that Charlotte, NC has to offer.

The Ultimate Golf School’s private instruction packages offer the latest in technology. We use video analysis with voice-over so you have a useful video to watch over and over. Private Golf Instruction-The Ultimate Golf SchoolIt will remind you how to make the proper swing change or how to do your swing drills correctly. We also use K-Player 3D Biofeedback instruction to make sure that you are doing the new swing movements correctly. After all, it does you no good if you are practicing poorly.

If your main goal is to lower your score then your Short Game must be mastered. The Ultimate Golf School has the most intuitive and easily repeatable systems to make you a master of the short game. As Barry often says, “If you have a great short game, you are a match for anyone. If you don’t, then you are a match for no one.”

Half Day With Barry

To sharpen your skills in all areas of the game, try the Half Day With Barry. Begin with a 2-hour game improvement session with your full swing, followed by an intensive 2-hour session improving your short game. “If you have a great short game you are a match for anyone!” You will also learn and work on the importance of a preshot routine. 

Contact Barry and the Ultimate Golf School today at . Get started on the best Private Golf Instruction that Charlotte, NC Golf has to offer. Remember, you are the most important part of our business and we continuously strive to be the best golf instructor in Charlotte.


Lesson Type  


1 Hour $125
1 Hour with Video $150
2 Hour Playing Lesson $200
Half Day w/ Barry (2 hrs full swing/2 hrs short game, w/video ) $359
Birdie Plan (Five 1 Hour Lessons) $439
Eagle Plan (Five 1 Hour Lessons. One w/ Video Analysis) $469