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Golf Fitness Creates Great Health

Golf Fitness Creates Great Health

Sleep On It

Do you know that excellent golf fitness creates great health? Too many golfers are plagued by lower back pain, elbow joint pain, or discomfort in many other ways. In fact, it’s not just discomfort during their round of golf, but discomfort throughout the day and even into their sleep. Good sleep is required for our bodies to heal itself from the rigors of our day and if your body is in a constant form of pain your sleep will not be very effective to heal itself. Also, chronic lack of sleep is linked to getting colds and flu, heart disease, and even Diabetes.

Here are some areas to look at initially to get your golf body in shape as well as your overall wellbeing.

Sore Back/Back Injury                                                                      golf fitness

If you can touch your toes, you will be a more consistent ball striker. It is well documented that if your hamstrings are tight you are more likely to experience low back pain. Low back pain means poor golf. Do this hamstring stretch and your body will be loving you. Hamstring Stretch

Shoulder rotation

Many times your “golfers elbow” is due to lack of shoulder rotation. Become mobile in the shoulder area and watch your score drop. In fact, this exercise can be done right in your living room! Check out this video to stop your chicken wing on the backswing and to prevent “golfers elbow”.   mobility/stretch

Adequate range of motion in the mid back

I do the “Reach Thru” stretch frequently to increase my upper back mobility. Do this 3 or 4 times per week this winter and you will have a fuller shoulder turn when Spring rolls around. You’ll be hitting the ball further than ever!

Adequate Glute Strength

Power in the golf swing starts from the ground up. That means that the feet start the down swing motion, followed by the hip turn, then the upper torso, etc. Strong glute muscles are important to get the hips turning before the upper body does. If the upper body goes before the lower body, an over-the-top swing usually results. This is a power loss and usually causes the dreaded slice. Strengthen your glutes for awesome power.  [youtube=]

As you are aware, there are many moving parts in the golf swing and we need to have a golf body that is able to handle the stress and strain created by the swing. When you get your body in “golf shape” you will strike the ball more consistently, with more distance, and with less fatigue. What are you waiting for? Get in golf shape today and make your body fit for all the right reasons.