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Golf Fitness, Really?

The Ultimate Golf School is getting the word out about Golf Fitness. And yes, really, golf fitness is good. In fact, it should be a major part of your process to excellent golf. Golf fitness programs are making an impact on the game and the way golfers are playing it.  Even though equipment technology is all the buzz these days, your personal equipment, namely your body, should take the fore front to bettering your game. 

According to a 2009 & 2010 Reader Survey, Golf Fitness Magazine found that 97% of their readers consider health and wellness a high priority in their lives and their golf game.  Currently 81% participate in some type of fitness program, but 90% are interested in getting golf-specific physical assessments and a whopping 96% would like to learn more golf-specific exercises.  So where are you in this survey? 

As worFlexor pic 1d gets out about this new twist on player development , golfers are becoming aware that there is a difference between a basic all-around fitness program and a golf-specific fitness program.  The important ingredient to this is the identification of the golfer’s specific body movement deficiencies that we know are strongly correlated to inefficient and poor golf swings.   

Many golfers nowadays are seeking a golf-specific physical assessment and therefore a golf specific fitness program. New fitness technologies such as Flexor Fitness or TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is evidence that golf specific training is on the rise. Further proof is the fact that TPI has accredited over 20,000 Golf Fitness Instructors around the world. The Ultimate Golf School is currently certified in Flexor Golf Fitness and the K-Vest 3D swing biofeedback system. K-Trainer pic

A major reason for seeking out a golf fitness professional is to help alleviate and/or prevent injury associated with golf’s one-sided, repetitive nature.  This means that if you swing right-handed only, your body will become stronger on one side and therefore lead to muscular imbalances and potential injury. Therefore, you need to do golf specific exercises to strengthen the other side as well. 

From their survey, Golf Fitness Magazine reports that 35% suffer from a golf related injury and 51% use medication for inflammation or pain relief.  Of the injuries reported in golf, low back is the most common among amateurs. So, where are you in this survey?   

Barry Churchill, PGA, is a knowledgeable golf fitness professional and is able to identify triggers, such as poor posture or faulty swing mechanics, that could lead to low back discomfort.  In many cases, correcting these triggers will result in a reduction of pain and a return back to the golf course. Combining  golf specific fitness programs with professional golf instruction is a sure way to increase your enjoyment of the game.  

Golfers want to play better golf, that is a fact.  Up until now the only resources have been the improvement in equipment technology, new teaching aids, and PGA golf instruction.  Though essential, these factors don’t really focus on the root cause of what is swinging the club; the golfers body.   

Golf fitness is quickly becoming an essential part the game.  The tour pros are continuously visiting the gym. They know that bettering their body will improve their swing and improve their swing efficiency. Therefore, they will increase their distance, enhance playing performance, and prevent, reduce or eliminate injury. So contact the Ultimate Golf School and sign up for a golf-specific physical evaluation today. Your golf body will love you for it. k-vest black logo

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