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Increase Upper Body Rotation

Increase Upper Body Rotation

You probably do not know that you need to increase upper body rotation to get more yards on your tee shots. Furthermore, average players think that turning their upper and lower body more into the back swing is the recipe for more distance. Generally speaking, we should turn the upper body/shoulders twice as much as the lower body/hips. If you visualize the target line, turn your upper body 90 degrees and the lower body only 45 degrees to the target line. This seperation of the upper and lower body creates the potential for more club speed and therefore more distance. increase upper body rotation

Each movement within the swing builds upon the previous movements motion.  Consequently, any restriction from lack of mobility will impede the transfer of energy throughout the swing.  If the hips cannot rotate properly the body is going to overcompensate in another area to produce the swing.  This will certainly lead to faults in the swing such as a loss of posture, lateral movement causing sways, and most importantly a loss of power.

Simple Stretches

Feel like you may be a victim of a lack of flexibility and rotation within your body?  Add these two simple exercises to your fitness program so you can increase upper body rotation.

The Open Book exercise is to teach your upper body to rotate separate of your lower body.  While performing this exercise it is important to keep your knees to the ground.  Do not force your hand to the ground. You will increase upper body rotation quickly.

The second exercise is the Leg Over exercise.  This is to teach your lower body to rotate separate of your upper body.  While performing this exercise try to keep your shoulders on the ground.  Do not force your foot to the ground with this exercise. You will increase lower body rotation quickly.

Watch this video to see how The Ultimate Golf School uses k-player to easily get you more upper body rotation.