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The Ultimate Golf School has the Best Junior Golf Camp, period.

Junior Golf Camp. Line it up

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Here are 5 reasons why your child should learn to play golf at our Junior Golf Camp.

1) A small 2:1 student to teacher ratio

Our Junior Golf Camp has a maximum of 4 players. And with two instructors, we are able to give your child more one-on-one instruction. Other local golf facilities have a 5:1 ratio! With this small group we are able to do video analysis of your childs swing. This is unheard of in a Junior Golf Camp.

2)PGA Certified Instructor

Barry Churchill, PGA award winning instructor and owner of the Ultimate Golf School, has furthered his education. Barry is certified in “Golf Instruction” by the Professional Golfers Association of America. This extra PGA Program requires hours of intense study which very few PGA Menbers ever complete! A PGA Professional certified in “Golf Instruction” is more prepared to teach your child. In fact, Barry’s only responsibility is teaching golf. Other Junior Golf Camps have instructors who have other responsibilities at their facility. They are continually thinking of the next tournament they need to organize, or merchandising the pro shop, or worrying about the food and beverage operation. The Ultimate Golf School focuses on teaching your child because that’s all we do.

3)Play On The Course Every Day

Can you imagine sending your child to golf camp and they come home saying that they never played on the course? At The Ultimate Golf School we play on the course every day! We play different formats, have competitive games, and learn real golf rules while on the course. Your child is better equipped to play a golf course by themselves after attending our golf camp.

4)We Strive For Improvement

At the end of our Golf Camp we present an award to each player. It is an achievement award in the form of a golf towel. An orange towel represents the “Sport” level, which encompasses beginner level achievement. A white towel represents the “Player” level, which encompasses driving distance requirements, pitching and chipping proficiency, and putting ability. And finally, the highest achievement level is awarded with a gold towel and is called the “Champion” level. This level requires longer driving distance requirements, higher frequency of pitching and chipping proficiency, and the ability to two-putt.

Everyone wants to get a gold towel which allows our camps to stay focused on golf and to strive for improvement.

5)Build Friendships

Because of our small camp size, we are certainly able to develop friendships that last forever. Many parents ask when their child’s new friend from the previous year is doing camp so that they can be together again. Furthermore, our small camp size forces everyone to act as one group, therefore further developing friendships. After all, playing golf with friends, both new and old, will hook kids on golf for a lifetime!