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Great Golfers Have Shoulder Tilt

Shoulder Tilt

All great golfers have shoulder tilt at the top of the backswing. Furthermore, they also maintain their tilt far into the follow thru. First of all, you know you need to “keep your head down”. Secondly, you know you need to “keep your eye on the ball”. But do you know the root cause of keeping your head down and your eye on the ball? You guessed it. You must keep your shoulder tilt down into the backswing and follow through.

shoulder tilt

Excellent shoulder tilt into the follow thru.

Because a poor shoulder tilt causes the club to be out of position on the backswing, it also creates a shift in swing planes on the downswing.  This certainly reduces the efficiency of the swing motion robbing you of easy distance. As a result the player will usually have to make compensations on the downswing with the body or hands to square the club face consistently. This can also cause a loss of power in the swing as well as inconsistent ball striking.

When your head comes up during the backswing, it is because your shoulder tilt came up. Some instructors refer to this as “flat shoulders”. It really amounts to the same thing. Because many muscle groups are responsible for the ability to stay down, it is necessary to have a body that is “golf fit”.


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Watch this short video and learn how the Ultimate Golf School uses k-player to make your shoulder tilt perfect every time.