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Tee It Forward

Tee It ForwardTee It Forward

To enjoy your round more, don’t be afraid to tee it forward. What set of tees do you think you should play from? Most of the time when there is a group of guys they all seem to decide to play from the back tees. Is it really fun to always be hitting long irons, hybrids, or even woods into the green? Isn’t it more fun to play in 4 hours and to shoot your handicap? The PGA and USGA have been promoting the “Tee It Forward” idea for many years now.

Most golfers play for the fun of the game and its social aspect. You are there to have fun too, right? There is no shame in playing from a shorter set of tees. In fact, periodically teeing it forward could make you a better player. You will be forced to think about yardages and club selection. Hitting your 9 iron or wedge into more greens will lower your scores and make it enjoyable.

Golf is always a challenge no matter what tees you play from. If your playing partner hits the ball 275+ yards every drive it is okay to play the back tees. If you drive the ball 225 every time you would not have as much fun playing from the back tees as the longer hitter. Playing the forward tees will allow you to be in the same landing zone as your partner allowing your time together to be more social. And I know that I can miss the green with my 9 iron as easily as I miss with my 5, so the challenge is still the same.

Most golf courses have 4 or 5 different sets of tees and are meant to even the playing field for shorter and longer hitters. They are not meant for a specific age range or gender. The olden days are over. Remember when the Red Tees were considered the “Ladies” tees, the White Tees were the Mens Tees, and the Blue Tees were the “Pros” tees? Just choose the set of tees that most fit your golfing ability and Tee It Forward from there.