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Too Many Swing Thoughts

The Mental Game

So, you’re on the first tee and you probably have too many swing thoughts. It’s a par 5 with carry over water and your buddy just smoked it 240 down the middle and in good shape. What are you going to do? What is running through your mind? Are you prepared to handle the situation? Or are you going to PANIC?too many swing thoughts, fore!

It is very easy to focus entirely on technique and position while playing a round on the course. This can lead to tremendous anxiety and poor swing consistency. It is hard if not impossible, to work on your new swing technique you learned from your pro and work on producing a good score at the same time. While playing on the course, you need to trust your work on the practice range and let natural rhythm and balance shine through. So, free up your mind of all those technical swing thoughts and replace it with one or two simple swing “feels”. Something like, “slow takeaway” or “complete the follow through”.

Afterall, the best players in the world have only one or two swing thoughts in their mind.

too many swing thoughts. fore!These simple, non technical swing thoughts will most certainly help you keep your rhythm and balance and will help keep you calm so you can easily go through your shot routine. Remember, your thought process and shot goals on the course are supposed to be different from your thought process and goals on the practice range.

Be prepared on the course by thinking appropriate thoughts and keep the technical thoughts for the practice range.