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flexor golf fitness Flexor Golf Fitness

Flexor Golf Fitness is the only golf-specific motor learning program that generates real-time feedback and immediately improves your golf game. And it is now available from The Ultimate Golf School in Charlotte, NC.

Because Flexor works for all skill levels and addresses physical limitations, it easily integrates into everyone’s training program.

Instruction and Conditioning All at Once

The Flexor Golf Fitness Training System is an instruction and conditioning program all at the same time. It will help golfers just like you to maximize their performance through proven golf-specific drills.  Therefore, when you are executing the conditioning drills you are also practicing the proper mechanics of your swing! Flexor is centered upon a revolutionary “in-position” training model which guarantees immediate results.

The Flexor Golf Fitness Training System was not created by a coach. The ststem is the culmination of work with thousands of golfers of all levels, from beginners to professionals.  As a result, using the Flexor System helps all golfers improve their performance and get more out of their training sessions. Hence, an expensive gym memberships is not necessary. Barry Churchill, PGA and the Ultimate Golf School is here to fine tune your most important piece of equipment, YOU!

Address Specific Needs

The Flexor Golf Fitness Training System is designed to address the specific needs of golfers. Any golfer with physical limitations that have difficulty reaching fundamental positions will benefit. Consequently, your golf swing will improve as your golf body improves! The program institutes a training regimen for the off-season, although it is recommended to continue during the season.

First of all, using  the Flexor Golf Fitness system for only 20 – 30 minutes a day, three times a week, will immediately improve your golf performance. Furthermore, it will make your body more flexible, stronger, and will enhance the brain/body connection. (muscle memory)

Put it all together and the improvements will certainly be long-lasting, not short term.  Even more, you won’t reach a plateau after a couple of sessions. The program is designed to grow with you and become increasingly challenging as you become stronger and more flexible.

Get started today on the most consistent golf swing you have ever had. Call Barry Churchill, PGA at the Ultimate Golf School at 802-324-GOLF (4653). We look forward to working with you.

Flexor Golf Fitness

Get Golf Fit with Flexor Fitness


Improvement Performance Programs

The following winter golf performance packages are conducted in a one-on-one setting with Barry Churchill, PGA Certified Golf Instructor. This is the ideal program for golfers looking to take full advantage of a golf-specific personalized training program to achieve their goals.

Get Your Golf Body Fit with:

• Swing and Fitness Evaluations

• One-On-One Private Lessons

• Flexor™ Mobility and Strength Training


Flexor™ Golf  Get Golf Fit Now Training

6 Sessions $350
12 Sessions $540
18 Sessions $720

Featured Product – “The Pull Thing”

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