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2017 Teacher of the Year

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2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year

2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year”!

We are excited to annou2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Yearnce that Barry Churchill, PGA and owner of the Ultimate Golf School was voted as the 2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year.  While staying current with the latest in technology and teaching methods, Barry’s passion for improving your game is never-ending. If you are a current student you know what we are talking about. If you are not yet a student of Barry’s, you are missing out on the best golf of your career. Barry is a full-time Teaching Professional in that he spends 100% of his time instructing players like you. He does not have tournament responsibilities or food and beverage decisions to make. Therefore, he is 100% committed to making you a better player.

The Ultimate Golf School’s programs include various plans that fit every ability level. Furthermore, a Winter strength and fitness program is a great way to make your body more fit. As a result of being a “Certified” PGA instructor, Barry is always prepared to help you reach your golfing goals. You may fine tune your swing with the 3 lesson Par Plan or improve your entire game with the 5 month Nicklaus Plan . Either way, Barry wants to help you enjoy your golf game. But if you are looking to take your game and golf body to the highest level, The Ultimate Golf School’s Ultimate Plan is right for you.

Barry is proud to be a PGA member working in the Vermont Chapter. And with so many dedicated professionals in the section, we are honored to be the NEPGA Teacher of the Year in 2017.