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2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year

“2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year”! We are excited to announce that Barry Churchill, PGA and owner of the Ultimate Golf School was voted as the 2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year.  While staying current with the latest in technology and teaching methods, Barry’s passion for improving your game is never-ending. […]


Choose The Best Junior Golf Camp

The Ultimate Golf School has the Best Junior Golf Camp, period. Here are 5 great reasons why your child should learn to play golf at our Junior Golf Camp. 1) A small 2:1 student to teacher ratio Our Junior Golf Camp has a maximum of 4 players. And with two instructors, we are able to […]


10 Reasons Kids Should Play Golf

10 Reasons Kids Should Play Golf Here are 10 reasons kids should play golf. Develop Life Long Benefits: Benefits of golf include making life-long friends and learning a game that can be played alone. Spend Quality Time with Family: Golf can be an event around which all family members can gather for several hours. It […]


Golfing on a Budget

  Golfing On A Budget It’s well known that golfing can be an expensive hobby. Between the cost of clubs and equipment, greens fees and memberships, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny for your time on the course. But, there are ways to play the game and still be frugal. So, if you’re golfing on […]


Play the Course on the Range

Play the Course on the Range Struggling to take your driving range swing to the golf course? It’s a common complaint among golfers. “But I hit it so great on the range. Why can’t I do that on the course?” Sound familiar? Swings on the range and play on the course are two very different […]


Warm Up Routine for an Event

Warm Up Routine For An Event What is your warm up routine for a casual round of golf? What is your warm up routine for an event? The answer to these two questions should be, “They are the same.” Some people make the mistake of showing up early to a tournament or event to get […]


Golf Is a Workout

Golf Is A Workout Golf’s reputation for being a sport lacking in physical fitness is not necessarily true. In fact, golf is a workout, if you let it be. When you ditch the cart, beer and typical course vices – like smoking or dipping – golf can be beneficial to your health. If someone with an average […]


GPS or Laser

GPS or Laser When it comes to finding your yardages, marking off the ball using on-course yardage markers is time consuming and, often, inaccurate. Plus, with today’s yardage technology, why would you? The technology on the market today – golf GPS systems and laser rangefinders – are great options for accurately determining your yardages, but […]


Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect Right? Practice makes perfect is what everyone says so it has to be right. Well, not if you’re doing it wrong. I like to say, “Practice Makes Permanent!” If you are practicing the wrong thing, you will end up with a very good “bad habit”. To improve your golf game, it’s important […]


Stableford Rules

The Stableford System, developed by Dr. Frank Barney Gorton Stableford in 1931, is a scoring system in which the final score is not the stroke total, but the total points earned for scores on each individual hole.  Unlike traditional golf scoring methods, the objective is to have the highest score. The number of points awarded on […]