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Golf Fitness With K-Trainer

Golf Fitness With K-Trainer

The Ultimate Golf School does Golf Fitness with K-Trainer. The K-Trainer 3D biofeedback software system will help you regain your mobility and therefore hit the ball longer than ever.

Most players that I work with have day jobs that require a lot of sitting. Their golf body becomes less flexible over time causing issues with their swing. Because their upper body loses mobility they over rotate their lower body and/or break down their lead arm into the backswing. Both issues are power leaks and can lead to increased chances of injury.

The beautiful aspect of K-Trainer is that the biofeedback guarantees that your workout or practice is done correctly. Golf fitness with k-trainer measures your body movement patterns and has audio and visual feedback to show when your body is moving in the proper ways. When you know that you are practicing the right things, you are on your way to fast improvement.

Watch this short video and see how Barry Churchill and The Ultimate Golf School can use K-Trainer can help your golf game.

Golf Fitness With K-Trainer