Golf Lessons In Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for the best golf lessons in Charlotte, NC then you have come to the right teacher. Barry Churchill is the Certified, PGA Golf Instructor of The Ultimate Golf School at Stonebridge Golf Club. Your swing will not be over-hauled when you work with Barry. Instead, your current swing will be enhanced to improve ball flight.  And Barry always makes swing changes based on your athletic and physical abilities. Your golf lessons will be tailored to your individual’s needs. You should not be forced to learn a certain swing type or swing theory. When you first work with Barry, he will ask you questions about your golfing goals. He will ask you questions about your physical limitations and concerns. And lastly, a few questions about your sports background information. This will allow your instruction to be tailor made for you.

Improve Your Scores Quickly

It is nonsense to be told that you may get worse before you get better? Game improvement and lower golf scores will be the norm with the Ultimate Golf School. Game improvement and lower golf scores occur quickly by showing you simple corrections. You will attain better ball flight and your short game will be your strength. The Ultimate Golf School understands that you have limited time to practice. Therefore, your golf lesson will be concise and you will receive the right amount of information. And it will be easily understood! Barry often times includes both full swing and short game work during your golf lesson, and you will learn how to practice proficiently.

Barry will help you choose the best private golf lesson package for you so you can reach your golfing goals quicker. Lesson packages and plans are available to meet every golfers needs. The Ultimate Golf School will help you become the golfer you know you can be.

Voted 2017 New England PGA Teacher of the Year

Barry is the 2013 & 2016 Teacher Of The Year in the Vermont Chapter PGA and is the 2017 New England PGA Section Teacher of the Year. Your golf game will be brought to its highest level by an award winning instructor! Barry is certified as a Flexor Golf Fitness Instructor as well as a K-Player 3d Biofeedback Instructor. He is also A SeeMore Putter Certified Putting Instructor, US Kids Golf Certified Instructor, as well as certified by the Positive Coaching Alliance. In fact, Barry is continuously learning to be the best golf instructor so that your game can improve quickly. Contact Barry today for the best golf lessons in Charlotte, NC.

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