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Golfing on a Budget

Golfing On A BudgetGolfing On A Budget

Golfing on a budget is sometimes difficult. It’s well known that golfing can be an expensive hobby. Between the cost of clubs and equipment, greens fees and memberships, you’re bound to pay a pretty penny for your time on the course. But, there are ways to play the game and still be frugal. So, if you’re golfing on a budget, here are some tips to get the most for your money:


  • Buy used clubs. Buying used, especially if you’re just starting out, is a no-brainer way to save some coin. If you can look beyond thpurchase used clubse inevitable nicks and scratches that come with previously owned clubs, you can end up with a set that’s just as good as shiny new ones.  With that said, do make sure there’s no significant grooves, rust or dents and nicks on the shaft – these can negatively impact performance.
  • Absolutely MUST have a new set, but don’t want to pay the price?  All you need is a little patience.  If you wait until the new models come out, the previous year models usually go on sale. You can get clubs that are only a year old for much less than a brand new model.
  • Buy in bulk and when on sale. Think about the things you go through most often. Tees? Balls? Gloves? You can usually save money by buying larger quantities of these items – especially when they’re on sale – as opposed to buying balls and tees before a round or a glove only when yours wears out.

Fees – Green, Membership and More

  • Play later in the day for the best rates. Mornings and weekends are the most expensive time to play golf.  Most courses have twilight rates that usually start in the mid afternoon.  Waiting until the later times, and sometimes even weekday play, can save you money on the fees.
  • Walk, don’t ride. Skip the cost of cart fees by walking the course – and get exercise while you’re at it! If the course is very hilly, walk 9 and ride 9.
  • Don’t join a private country club. Most private clubs charge a hefty up-front fee as well as monthly dues. However, semi-private and public courses don’t reach so far in your pocket.  Consider this route, especially if you’re not interested in all the other amenities that a private course offers. In fact, some public courses have  tournament programs as sophisticated as upscale private clubs. Do your research.
  • Really want to be a part of a private club? Most courses will have membership drives during a certain time of the year. Wait until these come around and you could pay a much cheaper price.

Golf can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be.  Start focusing on your game, and use these tips to cut down on your golf expenses.